Betapa Indah Ekonomi Islam

Bagaimana keadilan sistem ekonomi dapat terwujud? Sehingga melahirkan pertumbuhan ekonomi yang merata dan stabil serta terpenuhinya kebutuhan pokok bagi yang tidak termasuk dalam sistem pasar? Dan bagaimana juga mengelola ekonomi untuk mewujudkan tercapainya maqashid syariah? Temukan jawabannya dalam video ini.


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2 comments on “Betapa Indah Ekonomi Islam
  1. khalif rizqi ghifari/pmh 1 says:

    the everyting from the start up of the workings about our own bodies is not obidient a whimsical the subject assistance systematic rules and the idea we can to call the scientific method , scientific knowledge took in bagdad thousand years ago under a powerful and flourishing islamic empire wealthy, science very progressed i power islamic empire, including is with translation the books and etc, and the final conclution from this video that western scientists they copying and develop the basic science which has been found from islamic scientists ago

  2. Iggel Al - Ghufron D. Sumardi/ HES 1 says:

    After watching this video , i can conclude that islam has made a big contribution for science all over of this world also Europe . In essence, many of people believe that modern science was first developed in the Muslim world than in Europe , that “all the wealth of knowledge in the world is really coming from the Islamic civilization,”
    In this video we are told that a Physicist Jim Al-Khalili travel to Syria, Iran, Tunisia and Spain to tell the story of a great leap in scientific knowledge that took place in the Islamic world between the 8th century and the 14th.
    Journey to Syria, he discovered how astronomers and mathematicians thousand years ago estimated the size of the Earth within a few hundred mili of the actual position.
    He also discovered how the islamic scientist helped transform the alchemy science to be modern chemistry.
    He also tells the story of the remarkable physicist Ibn al-Haytham, who helped found the modern science of optics and proved to be one of the most fundamental principles in physics – that light is in a straight line.

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